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The Sleep to Live Institute regularly reviews what we consider the top sleep products and equipment to provide consumers reliable information when making purchasing decisions. We are also a resource for manufacturers and retailers to have their products professionally reviewed.  While we do not intend to review every product on the market today, we do provide reviews on the most regarded brands, as well as, the newest sleep products.  Our review process is based on two key factors:

  • Product quality – We look at the overall integrity of the product itself, durability and quality of materials and manufacturing.
  • Sleep health – Many products may be made well but do they contribute to the long-term benefits of healthy sleep.  We look at areas such as support and design that may contribute to a better nights sleep or to curtailing issues related to various sleep disorders.

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If you are a consumer and would like our experts to provide an opinion on a product you may not see here, we would be happy to assist. If you are a manufacturer or retailer and would like a product review, submit your request and an STLI expert will contact you within two business days.

Pillows & Bedding
Pillows and bedding are a major factor in a good nights sleep.  Pillows provide neck and body support while bedding provides warmth and comfort, areas that matter when trying to achieve a good nights sleep. 

Sleep Equipment
From sleep aids to CPAP machines and other specialized sleep equipment, there are many options on the market today.  We have reviewed what we feel are industry leading products for better sleep health.  

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If you do not find the product review you were looking for, we may have not reviewed it yet but one of our experts may be able to help.  Request a product review.