Low Blue Lights

Product Review for Low Blue Lights

Sleep Science Behind Low Blue Lights:

The brain is hardwired to respond to light for regulation of our sleep and wake cycles. A small collection of light responsive cells called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus acts as our internal clock. Even with our eyes closed, the smallest amount of light triggers our internal clock to slow melatonin production. Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted by the pineal gland that serves as a messenger to the body to go to sleep. As the melatonin levels increase, the body responds by lowering our core body temperature and chemically inducing us to be sleepy.

The SCN does not respond to all spectrum of light equally. It is particularly sensitive to the blue end of the spectrum (specifically peaking around 460nm in wavelength). So, any light that contains blue light (white light includes all visible light spectra), will trigger the SCN to inhibit melatonin production. This, in effect, tells the body, “It’s daytime, time to get up!” or “It’s still not time to go to bed”. The reality may be that it IS time to go to bed, or that you just got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and need to get right back to sleep. Perhaps you just went in to check on the baby but didn’t want them waking up.

As our day winds down and we need to get to sleep in the evening, our work schedule may not care if it is the middle of the summer and the sun is still up when we need to be sleeping. Likewise, the electric age can and does bombard us with light in the blue spectrum every time we turn on a standard incandescent or fluorescent light bulb year round, even after the sun is down. Low Blue Lights are a real sleep science alternative to standard lighting that can rob us of our natural sleepiness. 


  • √  Emits light in the amber portion of the spectrum

  • √  No sleep-inhibiting blue light spectrum

  • √  Available in standard 60 watt bulb

  • √  Available in standard candelabra night light

  • √  For standard 120 VAC outlets

Good For:

  • Enhancing natural melatonin production in the evening to help you get to sleep more easily

  • Getting safely around at night without eliciting a strong arousal response from the body

  • Reducing light disruptions to other members of the house when turning lights on

  • Lighting the nursery so that you do not disrupt the baby’s sleep

  • Helping to synchronize a sleep/wake cycle to your schedule