Product Review for Lightwedge

Sleep Science Behind Lightwedge:

The brain is hardwired to respond to light for regulation of our sleep and wake cycles. A small collection of light responsive cells called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus acts as our internal clock. Even with our eyes closed, the smallest amount of light triggers our internal clock to slow melatonin production. Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted by the pineal gland that serves as a messenger to the body to go to sleep. As the melatonin levels increase, the body responds by lowering our core body temperature and chemically inducing us to be sleepy.

The SCN does not respond to all spectrum of light equally. It is particularly sensitive to the blue end of the spectrum (specifically peaking around 460nm in wavelength). So, any light that contains blue light (white light includes all visible light spectra), will trigger the SCN to inhibit melatonin production. This, in effect, tells the body, “It’s daytime, time to get up!” or “It’s still not time togotobed”.TherealitymaybethatitIStimetogotobed,orshortlybeforeitwhenyouaretakingsometimetounwindand relax. Light at the red end of the spectrum does not affect the body with the same intensity. This is why astronomers or other professions that need to retain their night vision, will use red colored lights with their tools and instruments. This is also why tail lights of cars are red. Non-red lights not only cause the eyes to shift back to light vision from night vision, it also cues the body to wake up by blocking melatonin’s production.

Reading with a red illumination avoids a change in the eyes to light vision, so that you can see easily in a darkened room. It also allows you to read close to bedtime without interfering with the bodies natural mechanisms that are trying to help you get to sleep easily. Lastly, it avoids disrupting the sleep of your partner if you choose to read in bed. 


  • √  Directs light only onto the page, not the room

  • √  Uniformly distributes light across the page

  • √  40 hours of light with 4 AAA batteries

  • √  Page size, acrylic lens lays flat on the page

  • √  Night vision version uses sleep safe red light

  • √  Energy efficient and long lasting LED light

Good For:

  • Bedside reading without waking up your partner with overhead lights or lamps
  • Late night reading without blocking your natural drowsy-inducing melatonin production (red version)
  • Travelers who like to read on planes or other areas where they don’t want to bother others.
  • A personal reading light without cheap, encumbering clip-on book lights or overly bright lights.