Chili Pad

Product Review for Chili Pad

Sleep Science Behind Chili Pad:

Core body temperature is a key marker of the circadian rhythm, which controls human sleep and wake cycles. As nighttime approaches, the human core body temperature is at its peak for the day. While we sleep, the core body temperature drops a couple of degrees by morning and starts rising again once we wake up. The body reduces its core temperature by releasing heat through the extremities of the body. This transfer of heat is best accommodated in what is called a “Thermoneutral Zone”; a range of temperature near the body that allows the body to change its temperature unimpeded by the surrounding environment.

Researchers have defined this neutral temperature range to fall around 86°F. Studies show that near-body temperatures that are below 79°F or exceed 95°F can interrupt the body’s natural slow decrease in temperature by triggering the body’s defense mechanisms for heat and cold (sweating or shivering). This can in turn disrupt our sleep patterns by reducing our much needed Slow Wave Sleep and REM sleep. Additionally, it increases the number of awakenings we suffer over the night. Anyone who has woken up sweating or uncomfortably cold can relate to the reality of this problem. By near body temperature, we are talking about the temperature near the skin and often under covers, not necessarily in the room.

Additionally, the body undergoes a disadvantaged period of thermoregulation every time it enters REM sleep (about 5 times a night and mostly in the latter part of the sleep period). During this stage of sleep, the body does not regulate its temperature well, leaving us more susceptible to the effects of inappropriate ambient temperatures. Equipment that can control the temperatures near the body and hold them steady can not only facilitate our needed drop in core temperature; but, it can also assist the body during its more vulnerable thermoregulatory times, as seen during precious REM sleep. 


√  Thermostat automatically adjusts bad temp.

√  Only system that ranges from 46° to 118° F 

√  Easy-to-use remote control

√  Dual zones available for individual settings

√  Water driven temperatute - No electrical wires

√  Saves on energy bill by reducing AC use

√  Available in all standard mattress sizes

Good For:

  • A drug free approach to comfort for hot flashes and

  • Maintaining appropriate near-body temperatures at night to facilitate ideal sleep architecture

  • Warming or cooling year round and reducing the need to use whole house temperature control

  • Ending the battle of the thermostat by accommodating couples individual temperature needs