Mattress Protectors

Product Review for Mattress Protectors

Sleep Science Behind Mattress Protectors:

Mattresses and pillows are a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and dust mites. They can have more germs represented than what is found in your bathroom. Studies have shown that sleep surface materials that are as new as a year and a half can have contamination from dozens of different fungal species. Some of these, like Aspergillosis, can cause disease, and worsen existing respiratory conditions like asthma. These conditions can not only disrupt sleep, but can be an incredible overall health hazard that should not be taken lightly.

Dust mites are another problem seen regularly in the pillow and mattress. Humans slough off about a pound of dead skin cells every year (about 1/3 ounce per week). Dust mites, in turn feed off of the dead skin and can then produce as many as 20 droppings a day in your pillow or mattress. The feces contains a protein substance that some people also have an allergic reaction to. They can exacerbate asthma conditions and they are the primary indoor allergen risk for increasing asthma attacks and morbitiy. Additionally, the fungus in the pillow and mattress feeds off the dust mite feces to compound the issue. A two- year-old pillow can actually have enough dead mites and droppings to account for 10% of its weight.

Using hygienic washable pillow and mattress protectors is a sure way to not only protect your bedding investments, but also safeguards the health of you and your family by preventing unwanted mold, bacteria, and dust mites from breeding and taking over your sleep surface.


  • √  Waterproof, yet air vapor porous

  • √  Prevents bacteria and dust mite breeding

  • √  Protects mattress from spills and bodily fluids

  • √  Ultra thin so not to detract from mattress comfort

  • √  Machine washable on hot, tumble dry medium

  • √  Fitted-sheet style

  • √  Available in all standard mattress sizes

Good For:

  • Protecting your mattress investment from accidental spills and potential stains
  • Preventing bacteria growth and dust mite breeding that can lead to asthmas, eczema, & rhinitis
  • Providing a comfortable, breathable surface that can still protect against conditions like incontinence
  • Promoting a healthy and hygienic sleep surface for adults, children, and even baby cribs.