Kingsdown Passion Collection

Mattress Review for Kingsdown Passion Collection Mattresses

Sleep Science behind Kingsdown Passion Collection Mattresses:

Kingsdown’s Passions Collection line is a great example of “hybrid” mattresses. Blending an upgraded, tri-zoned wrapped coil system with gel infused memory foams, Kingsdown Passions Collection combines great support and comfort.

Kingsdown’s Passion Collection features a tri-zoned wrapped coil where the coils in the center third have a smaller diameter, therefore more coils can support the hip and lower back region. Since wrapped coils act independently, they contour to support the body, reduce partner motion, and are quiet. In some models within this collection feature ventilated gel infused memory foam for cooler memory foam comfort.

Kingsdown Passions wrapped coil system has proven over decades of use to be a durable mattress. The specialty foam used are the latest in specialty foam technology and will likely prove to be more durable than traditional foams. Additionally, every Kingsdown Passions is tested and Certified by the Sleep to Live Institute before it leaves the manufacturing facility. As a further indication of its durability, Sleep to Live is manufactured by Kingsdown Inc., a top 10 manufacturer, known for quality since 1904.


  • Tri-zoned Wrapped Coils System
    •  Independent coils  = better contouring support, less partner motion transfer, no roll together
    •  Higher concentration of coils in the center third provide for additional spinal support
  • Specialty Foams
  • New ventilated gel infused memory foam offers great support and reduce trapped heat