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Sleep Science Behind Blu-Tek Foam Core Mattresses: 

Researchers have defined this neutral temperature range to fall around 86°F. Studies show that near-body temperatures that are below 79°F or exceed 95°F can interrupt the body’s natural slow decrease in temperature by triggering the body’s defense mechanisms for heat and cold (sweating or shivering). This can in turn disrupt our sleep patterns by reducing our much needed Slow Wave Sleep and REM sleep. Additionally, it increases the number of awakenings we suffer over the night. Anyone who has woken up sweating or uncomfortably cold can relate to the reality of this problem. By near body temperature, we are talking about the temperature near the skin and often under covers, not necessarily in the room.

While Blu-Tek is a foam core mattress, the common heat issue was addressed by the use of gel specialty foams and a unique core design which allows for air to flow, helping the mattress maintain a thermal-neutral zone.  Further, we found the Progressive Support core’s interlocking design  allowed the core to contour to the body and provide good support and spinal alignment. 


√  Progressive Support Core

√   Good, contouring spinal supporte

√  Air flow to  reduce trapped heat

√  Gel-infused Memory foam layer

√  Enjoy the feel of memory foam, without trapping the heat

√  Contour Cut Gel pad layer