Sleep Health and the Rest of Your Day

Having a baby is obviously a life changing event, but I wasn’t prepared for the sleeplessness and the affect it would have on my daytime functioning. I remember waking up in the morning and counting my segments of sleep, thinking I really shouldn’t be this tired, I got a total of 7 hours of sleep. But, having your REM sleep consistently disturbed is very different than letting your body and mind fully rest and cycle through REM’s on your own schedule.

Functioning the rest of the day after these sleepless nights resulted in a drowsy and sluggish individual. Not only was I left feeling tired, but poor sleep health affected my mood, relationships, and work. Thankfully this most sleepless period only lasted about a month and gradually the stretches of sleep got longer. However, in this short period I learned just how important sleep health is in shaping the rest of my day. Good sleep health can help you perform better at work, give you a more positive outlook, function better in relationships, and much more.


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