Sleep Industry Research

Sleep Industry Research

The Sleep to Live Institute continually participates with leading sleep experts and institutions to performand support industry research. Not only will you find research conducted or commissioned by the Sleep To Live Institute but, also, we collect other quality research on relevant sleep health topics and products or product categories. Discover the science behind health sleep and what is being done to improve sleep habits, disorders and products.

If you would like the Sleep to Live Institute to conduct research on your behalf, contact us.  One of our sleep research experts will assist with designing the appropriate research platform, carry out the research and provide in-depth analysis.

Sleep Health Research
Advances in sleep health are being made every day through groundbreaking sleep research. Find out more about past and current sleep health research conducted by Sleep to Live Institute and other industry professionals.

Sleep Disorder Research
According to the Sleep Wellness Institute, more than 100 million Americans suffer of a sleeping disorder. The Sleep to Live Institute and other industry professionals have researched sleep disorders and their physiological causes.

Sleep Studies
A sleep study can be defined as a diagnostic test that measures the quality of your sleep and how your body responds to sleep problems.  We provide detailed data on sleep studies and the results that are making a difference in people’s lives.

Request/Submit Research
If you would like to request or submit your own sleep research, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you or publish your research on our site.