What happens during sleep disorder testing?

Cone Health Sleep Disorders Center and Annie Penn Sleep Disorders Center offer two options in sleep disorder testing: home and lab/in-center testing.

Home study technology has become much more advanced over the years, with the benefits including convenience, simplicity, lower costs to administer and easier scheduling.  Patients are able to administer the home sleep studies by themselves, simply strapping the flexible bands around their chest and abdomen, placing the nasal cannula in the nose and securing the finger monitor.  The straps measure how much the patient’s chest and abdomen are moving throughout the night, the nasal cannula measures whether or not the airway is being occluded and the finger monitor measures the patient’s oxygen levels.

While home sleep studies may be more convenient and comfortable for the patient, sleep studies done in the Sleep Center create a controlled environment.  They are more thorough, with trained professionals monitoring the sleep study equipment and observers taking note of unusual sleep behaviors and measuring the sleep study technology readings. Read full article at My Fox 8...

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