Sleep deprivation can appear like ADHD in children

If you're looking for the country with the most sleep-deprived children, look no further.

We've got them.

According to a new survey, U.S. students rank the worst in getting sleep. And we all know what chronic sleep deprivation can do.
Poor behavior, inattention, impulsivity, decreased cognitive performance and paradoxical hyperactivity in kids. Sound like a medical condition you've heard of?

If you guessed attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, you're right. Chronic sleep deprivation and/or sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea can mimic the classic symptoms of ADHD.

According to recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, we are coincidentally also seeing a rise in ADHD diagnosis among children; with approximately 11 percent of school-age children receiving this diagnosis, including one in five high school boys.

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Author of the article: 
Melissa Arca
Sacramento Bee