Mattresses Go High-Tech: Time to Trade Up to a "Smart" Bed?

If you're hunting for a new mattress and perhaps trying to take advantage of a sale timed to Presidents' Day, that 21st Century bed you've been dreaming of isn't just a dream. Beds are becoming as high-tech as phones, cars, and televisions, and as varied as the brands of toothpaste and shampoo.

The most popular mattresses are still made of innersprings, but consumers can sleep on substances like gel foam, latex foam, memory foam, or even just air. Options include pillow-top, stuffing made of organic and natural—that is, chemical-free—materials, and orthopedic mattresses, and if you're buying a frame to go with it, you can go with an adjustable one, on which the sleeper's head and feet can be elevated. Read full article at US News...



Author of the article: 
Geoff Williams
US News