Getting Enough Sleep Is Smart, Not Selfish

It's getting late, yet there are still things you need and want to do. So you keep going until exhaustion takes over, never adjusting the alarm clock that will clang for you to get an early start on all the things you have to do the next morning.

Sound familiar?

Far too often, we see sleep as an enemy, robbing us of time that could be spent getting things done. Truth is, getting a decent night's sleep not only makes you more productive -- for women, it can be a step toward a longer, healthier life.

A new study from researchers at the University of California-San Francisco shows that women who reported sleeping less than six hours per night had far more inflammation than men who slept that amount. This doesn't prove the lack of sleep caused increased inflammation, but it raises the question. And while we don't know that inflammation causes heart attacks or strokes, some researchers think it may be an important link to these serious problems.

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