Do Gel Mattresses Deliver? Best Mattress Brand Researches Claims in Latest Article

One of the most popular and widespread trends in the bedding industry recently has proven gel. Manufacturers are incorporating gel into everything from memory foam and innerspring beds to pillows, toppers and more. The latest article from Best Mattress Brand aims to look at whether or not the hype around gel is warranted.

The article, "Do Gel Mattresses Deliver?,” explains how gel is utilized in mattresses, what manufacturers claim it offers, and whether or not these claims hold up to tests and reviews. The blog explains how the trend was sparked in 2011 by Serta, who introduced gel into memory foam to combat the complaint that the material sleeps hot.

Not limited to one brand or type, the article discusses how the gel is incorporated into all different types of mattresses using various methods. The key claim made by brands of gel mattresses is that the gel acts to keep sleepers cooler by transferring heat away, though the blog points out that information about this cooling action often proves vague.

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