The $175,000 mattress

Can a quality mattress be a work of art? London-based Savoir Beds, which bills itself as a “world-renowned manufacturer of bespoke luxury mattresses,” says it’s offering just that with its new Royal Bed. And with a price tag of $175,000 – about the median price of an American home these days – buyers might rightly be expecting a masterpiece of sorts. Created in honor of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, the mattress incorporates “some of the world’s finest materials,” including cashmere wool sourced from Mongolia and horse-tail hair from Latin America.

But it’s not just what’s stuffed inside the mattress (and no, there are no $100 bills used as filler, in case you’re wondering). It’s also the effort it takes to create it all by hand — more than 600 hours, says Alistair Hughes, the company’s managing director. (The hand-sewn crest alone accounts for 70 hours, Hughes adds.) Another key component to the bed: It’s made to order, meaning customers can have it designed to suit their preferences in firmness (hard or comfy or anything in between) and styling. “It’s rather like going down to Savile Row and getting measured for a suit,” says Hughes.

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Charles Passey