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Source: Digital Journal
Sleep is a biological need that is vital in maintaining metabolic homeostasis. There is a growing awareness among consumers over the importance of good quality sleep and the critical role it plays in regulating immune function, metabolism, and influencing memory, learning, and other functions. Against this backdrop, the importance of good quality mattresses is coming to the fore. Over the years, the global mattress market has transformed into an aggressive and dynamic market replete with...
Source: Fox 8 News
Snoring is the number one sign of a sleep problem in children. A child may be snoring due to a number of causes such as oversized tonsils and/or adenoids, anatomical issues such as a small jaw or airway diameter, and allergies or asthma that cause swelling of the linings of the airway.If your child is snoring, it is important to seek medical advice quickly, as it can also be a sign of a more serious sleep problem in children called obstructive sleep apnea, which causes breathing to actually...
By: Dr. Michael J. Breus
Source: The Huffington Post
If you suffer from Type 2 diabetes or hypertension, you should be evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by a physician who is board-certified in sleep medicine. This is a recommendation recently issued for the first time by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). This new guideline could have a significant impact on diagnostic procedures for tens of millions of adults in the United States. Type 2 diabetes and hypertension are all-too-common conditions among U.S. adults, and their...
By: Deborah Rice
Source: ABC News
The exploding popularity of hand-held digital devices could lead to a big jump in sleep disorders, with experts warning the light emitted from digital screens can have a disturbing effect on the body clock.Leading Australian researcher Professor Shantha Rajaratnam says there is growing evidence that the night time use of portable digital devices is likely to compound the problems associated with artificial lighting."We think that the advent of electric lighting has significantly impacted upon...
Source: KMOT-TV
A study focusing on teens shows that lack of sleep not only makes you tired, but it can also make you gain weight."Sleep is very important. It's just like exercise and eating healthy. It's all a cycle itself together," says sleep specialist Nikki Mills.Without a good night's rest it's difficult to keep your eyes open- and to keep the pounds off.  "Sleep Deprivation does increase a person's appetite, causing them to eat foods that aren't good for them. Sweet foods, deep fried food," says Mills.A...