Study: Removing tonsils, adenoids helps sleep apnea

Tonsil and adenoid removal improves a variety of symptoms in children with moderate sleep apnea, but "watchful waiting" also helped in some ways, a new study found.

Overall, the surgery resulted in better sleep, less restlessness and impulsivity, and improved quality of life for most patients. But nearly half of children in the "watchful waiting" group also saw sleep improvements. No correlation was found between the surgery and improving attention and brain function.

"If you ask me what, as a pediatrician, I would recommend to my patients . . . with sleep apnea, I would recommend surgery, because we saw many improvements," said Carole Marcus, a physician and director of the Sleep Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the study's first author. "But if we had a family who had concerns about their child having surgery . . . we can wait and observe your child . . . . In the past, I would have really pushed for the surgery." Read full sleep study at Philly.Com....

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