Evaluation of a Custom Fit Sleep Surface Using Objective and Subjective Measures of Sleep Quality



Relatively few studies have evaluated sleeping surface and its effect on overall sleep quality. Those that have done so, typically consider the firmness or softness of a mattress independently of the body type of the individual. In addition, mattresses are typically uniform in their firmness from one side to the other; resulting in compromises from one or both partners in a relationship. This study evaluates the sleep quality of participants that have been profiled, based on their body type, and fit to a particular firmness of a mattress. The mattresses are solo constructed, giving each partner an individualized support level. We hypothesized that various aspects of sleep quality, both subjective and objective, will improve when someone is sleeping on their ideal surface.


19 normal, healthy participants, including couples, were profiled on a Sleep to Live Experience Bed and then evaluated for two weeks on their own bedding system. Evaluations were done with sleep diaries and actigraphs. Their own bedding was then replaced with new bedding that fit their profile. Couples’ sides of the bed were

individual and two of the couples increased their mattress size from queen to king. Evaluations were repeated for two weeks on the new beds. Additional evaluations for single weeks were repeated every month afterward for two months.


On the new bedding; participants reported that morning pain was significantly reduced, t(18) = 2.838, p = .011, and subjective morning restfulness significantly increased, t(19) = -6.064, p < .001. Additionally, trends were seen in reducing the number of reported disturbances overnight, t(17) = 2.042, p = .058; and reduction of the percentage of partner disturbances when changing to a larger bed, t(3) = 2.891, p = .063. Lastly, a custom defined variable for arousals exhibited an increasing trend inconsistent with the hypothesis, t(15) = -1.902, p = .077.


Sleeping on a surface that is custom fit to a particular body profile by the Sleep to Live Experience Bed can improve some aspects of sleep quality and comfort. 

Ensor J, Oexman R, Scott D, Carrier J, Davis J. Evaluation of a custom fit sleep surface using objective and subjective measures of sleep quality. 2008. Submitted for publication.

Author of the report: 
Jason Ensor, BS, R. PSG/EEG T., CNIM1; Rober Oexman, DC1; DAVID SCOTT, BS1; Josh Carrier BS1; Jim Davis, PH.D2
Source of the report: 
Submitted for Publication