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Sleep Disorder Research

According to the Sleep Wellness Institute, more than 100 million American suffer from a sleep disorder. Due to its high prevalence in our society, sleep disorders have become the most researched topics in the sleep industry.  Sleep disorder research conducted by Sleep to Live Institute, as well as, industry experts has improved the understanding of sleep disorders and their causes, therapy and treatment options.  

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By: Vgontzas AN, Liao D, Bixler EO, Chrousos GP, Vela-Bueno A.
ABSTRACT: STUDY OBJECTIVES:To examine the joint effect of insomnia and objective short sleep duration on hypertension risk.DESIGN:Representative cross-sectional study.SETTING:Sleep laboratory.PARTICIPANTS:1,741 men and women randomly selected from central Pennsylvania.INTERVENTIONS:None.MEASUREMENTS:Insomnia was defined by a complaint of insomnia with a duration > or = 1 year, while poor sleep was defined as a complaint of difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or early final awakening....
By: Jim Kling
ISTANBUL, Turkey — Patients with stage 5D kidney disease and heart failure who snore are at increased risk for death compared with those who don't snore, according to a new study."We wanted to understand whether snoring — sleep-disordered breathing — is in some way related to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality," Claudia Torino, PhD, lead researcher from the National Research Council in Reggio Calabria, Italy, told Medscape Medical News.Snoring affects about 60% of patients with chronic...