Bigger Beds Really Do Improve Sleep

In his February 18, 2013 column titled Selling Sleep in Furniture Today, a trade magazine for the furniture and mattress industries, David Perry urged retail sales associates to tout the sleep benefits of bigger beds to their customers. 

Mr. Perry is absolutely right – bigger beds do improve sleep.

Dr. Oexman has taught us that our bed partners are responsible for much of the disturbances in our sleep environment. In fact, physical touching is the third most common way our partners disturb our sleep - behind snoring and the constant battle over the sheets and covers.  

So how can a bigger bed help you sleep? Think of it this way, if you and a partner equally share a queen size (60”) mattress, each of gets just inches more than the standard crib size mattress (28”). And that is if it is EQUALLY shared. If you happen to share a queen with someone who is also a bed hog, that is what we call “sleeping on the left” – your partner gets as much space as they want, and you get what’s LEFT. J

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