Success in 2013 With a New Year's Sleep Resolution

The 1993 movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray may have been more appropriately titled New Year's Day. It seems that most people wake up New Year's Day with the same resolution they had the previous year! Are we destined to fail at diets, smoking cessation, exercise programs, or simply finding more time for ourselves? Maybe we should stack the deck in our favor by getting the right "mindset" for achieving our goals. It all starts with sleep -- pair any resolution you have with more sleep for the best results.

It should be no surprise that people across the world are committing less time for sleep and when they do sleep, it's poor quality. I'm certain you have caught yourself saying, "I am just too tired to ________" -- and simply fill in the blank. This lack of sleep has been shown to impact motivation, concentration, energy, and weight gain/loss. Conversely, making a commitment to get the proper quantity and quality of sleep can help you get focused, feel motivated, and have energy to achieve your goals. Read full blog post at The Huffington Post.

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