Sleep to Live's Oexman Contributing to Huffington Post

Robert Oexman, director of Kingsdown’s Sleep to Live Institute, is now a regularly featured contributor and blogger to The Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post is one of the world’s leading online news sites. Oexman regularly contributes to and authors stories focused on consumer sleep habits.

“Educating consumers on the importance of sleep and the impact it has on our health is a core component of the Kingsdown mission” said Mebane, N.C.-based Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood . "The Huffington Post reaches more than 36 million readers each month, which makes it a really effective outlet for Robert Oexman to connect with the general public to dispel common myths, promote strong sleep habits and weigh-in on how mattresses really do matter what it comes to getting a good night’s sleep."

Oexman contributed expert advice in two stories posted the first week of November on The Huffington Posts’ "Healthy Living" Web page. In the first article, “Daylight Saving Time Ends: How The Time Change May Affect Your Sleep and Mood,” Oexman noted that “falling back isn’t nearly as disruptive to our bodies as springing forward.” In fact, after turning the clocks back, “we see a decrease in heart attacks and car accidents, a testament to the power of sleep.”

Oexman also brought a unique spin to the coverage of the 2012 presidential election in the story “How Election Night Affects Your Sleep.” Oexman noted that election coverage creates a long-night for many Americans watching live results. Oexman’s advice to sleep-deprived readers was to “realize you’re not going to make any changes to the results and just turn it off.  Even if it’s a neck-and-neck race, there’s not going to be much to report at 4 a.m., so power down the laptop and leave the phone out of the bedroom.”

Also penning his own blogs to educate the public on sleep and sleep products, Oexman most recently answered the question “Can a Mattress Really Impact Your Sleep?” Oexman references a study sponsored by Kingsdown and performed by Research Triangle International, which evaluated more than 16,000 nights of sleep and 128 subjects to reveal that “even small differences in mattress support correlated with changes in sleep and pain. This is a clear indication that mattresses really do matter.” The story posted online on October 14, 2012.