Services and Tools

Sleep Services and Sleep Tools

The Sleep to Live Institute offers a wide-range of services and tools for manufacturers and retailers who make up what is now more than a $20 billion a year industry. The team at STLI has worked with leading companies who represent billions of dollars in sales and major industry advancements. 

Our knowledge reaches across the spectrum of manufacturing and retail. We understand the challenges to continually innovate products and to compete in a highly competitive marketplace. We bring unparalleled insight and knowledge not only with product development and sleep technology but also retail performance and support. Our innate understanding of sleep problems and the science behind sleep serves to increase our value to manufacturers and retailers and is unlike other sleep consultants. Here is what makes the Sleep to Live Institute one of the best service providers to the sleep industry:

  • We are on the forefront of sleep research and technology
  • Our resources include an extensive network of leading sleep industry research
  • We understand sleep science and technology and are behind many successful products on the market today
  • We have tested hundreds of sleep products and bring unique insight to every engagement
  • We combine in-depth sleep health and disorder knowledge with proven engineering and product expertise

Our consulting services allow manufacturers and retailers access to industry thought-leaders and STLI experts for guiding product development, manufacturing, testing, sales and merchandising.

Custom Research
Understanding what drives consumer behavior, purchasing habits and industry trends is essential to growth and innovation. Our research teams are experienced in consumer and product research.

Product Development
Meet the continuous challenge to evolve products and develop new products that meet consumer demands in a health conscious market, driven by a growing awareness of sleep effects long-term health.