Certification and Testing

Sleep Industry Testing and Certification

The sleep industry covers a broad range of services and products from mattresses and pillows to sleep aids and sleep equipment. The Sleep To Live Institute can assist your company with testing products during product development or manufacturing. We also provide certification for products on today’s market that meet high standards for product quality that promote healthy sleep or contribute to solving sleep problems. Our testing process covers how products are engineered and constructed, ultimately, to ensure that potential health benefits can be maximized.

Why STLI Product Testing and Certification?

  • Our experts bring a collective number of years of industry experience and have been instrumental in numerous product and technology advancements in the sleep industry.
  • Testing plans are customized to meet your rigorous demands and allow for fast identification of product defects and/or immediate improvements.
  • Our product testing is always independent and objective. We bring all the necessary resources to the testing process to ensure comprehensive test design and analysis.
  • When making purchases, STLI certification provides consumers confidence that STLI certified products have been tested to meet quality and sleep health standards.

STLI Certification
Find out what it means to be STLI certified and how you can receive the STLI certification. A Sleep to Live certification provides consumers with the assurance they are receiving quality sleeping products.

Review Process
The Sleep to Live Institute extensive review process ensures our consumers receive top quality sleep products. Our review process does not provide certification, rather is only to provide an STLI opinion.