About Sleep To Live Institute

Furthering The Science of Sleep

The Sleep to Live Institute is dedicated to the science of sleep, bringing together the expertise, research, and rich resources that promote quality sleep and better health. Our focus is three-fold:

  1. Ensure that consumers have the necessary information to make informed product purchases and to learn about healthy sleep and sleep disorders.

  2. Provide retailers a resource for sales support, detailed product information, research, and access to industry experts and resources.

  3. Provide manufacturers a reliable resource for product testing, certification, research and access to industry experts and resources.

Our organization, led by Dr. Robert Oexman, one of the foremost sleep industry experts, brings together the services and expertise for the betterment of sleep.  Research and real-world sleep technology drives an in-depth understanding of sleep behaviors, environment and products so manufacturers can produce better products, retailers are armed with sleep health and sleep product knowledge and consumers can make informed decisions and embrace sleep as an important part of their long-term health.  A product that is STLI tested and certified means it has withstood the rigors of quality assurance sleep testing for its product integrity and for the promotion of healthy sleep.

Based in Mebane, NC, the Sleep to Live Institute is a state-of-the-art research center that works with engineers and scientists dedicated to advancing the science of sleep and improving the quality of sleep for millions across the world.  While we are source of content and information on all aspect of sleep behaviors, products and health, we also provide a valuable service to those that make and sell sleep products and equipment.  We work with scientists, medical practitioners, engineers, thought-leaders and industry organizations all for the betterment of sleep and overall health and well being that good sleep promotes.

At the Sleep to Live Institute, we look beyond a good night’s sleep to promote how you sleep to live a long, fulfilling life.  For more information about the Sleep To Live Institute, questions, product testing or certification or services, contact us.